The BIM corresponds to the knowledge of innovative techniques of digitalization through the integration of technicla informations for studies, works and the asset management.

It is a collaborative process.

BIM Management

BIM Manager, BIM Coordinator

To manage and organize the models BIM, to coordinate  planning and the interfaces among the different actors of a project : this is the base of our work.

Our team, integrated  in your groups and firms, will help you in the development of the most adapted  BIM practices according to the project.


BIM Strategy , BIM Implementation and BIM Integration Services

Our BIM Manager et Consultant, help you step by step to  integrate the BIM processes into your companies: establish standards and processes to maximize the value of differents BIM solutions, provide program coordination and training to realize expected benefits. We help you to adapt BIM capabilities and benefits with  your business goals and priorities.

DATA Management

BIM Data Management, Facility Management, Property Management

BIM  Date Management is the key of process: to pick up, to organize, to optimize, to analyze, to exploit all informations. We will  help you  to organize the BIM informations workflow, integrate and update the data during all during all the life of the project.

BIM Model – 3D/4D/5D/6D

BIM Modelers, Fabrications drawings, 4D, 5D, 6D

We are one step ahead: we are very flexible in the use of a large number of BIM software 

Starting from   cloud of the points (laser scanner), to design modelings , up to property management: our experts are able to develop BIM elements for your projects, for all the BIM levels (LOD).




Our team is qualified in coordinating studies and synthesis of execution plan studies: from BIM models, we detect and analyse clashes, we are charged of the feasibility studies with interest in proposing solutions in the problems raised.


We anticipate the need for structural openings, bring solutions to complicated technical challenges, finalise the architectural details, interior and exterior, staying coordinated with the needs and the planning of the construction site. Our tasks are fully integrated within the BIM process, due to the management skills of our directors and Synthesis team.




From the 3D model of a project our team can produce execution plans for the subcontractors, MEP plans and architectural plans. For complicated case studies and forms, our team can also produce fabrication plans. To simplify the exchanges, optimise the repetitive tasks and make investing in BIM profitable, our developers find solutions that best suit the needs of the project, aiming always for the best quality while respecting the planning.



Our team has the experience of training individuals who work in the construction industry since 2010: we propose training in 3D modelling within the BIM process (Revit, Digital Project etc.) and training in BIM Management. We also propose training adapted to the needs of companies, in every level of their structure.


Since 2014 we have conducted the course of “les Ateliers Pratiques du Master BIM” at the universities “Ecole des Pont” and “ESTP” and in association with “Le Moniteur” we have created the “Formation BIM Certificate”.